Johnson Car Buying

Role: lead designer


The Johnson Auto Buying Program is a collaboration between Johnson Insurance and Unhaggle. Johnson Insurance, a British Columbia based company, sees the opportunity to provide more value to their already loyal customers who turn to them for trusted insurance coverage on their vehicles. This idea was first brought to my attention by Tom, a business development executive working at Unhaggle who spends most of his energy capturing more value for Unhaggle from other steps in a car buying process.

Aligning Values

To make this partnership work, it's useful to look into what each party brings to the table and what their objectives are.

  • For Unhaggle, it brings a robust network of over 1,000+ car dealerships from coast to coast in Canada and its goal is to help more consumers buy a new vehicle by paying the best price
  • For Johnson insurance, it has a brand name of offering trusted auto insurance for end consumers and it certainly wants to keep selling insurance to more car buyers

Once we understand what each party brings and wants, we can see there is a clear value proposition by bringing the two sides together and create a new service that can help expand the market share for both companies.

Coming Up With a Hypothesis

When shopping for a new vehicle, the type of car insurance can impact your overall budget on a new vehicle, which means other than your own preferences, dealer incentives, the insurance quote can also be a big factor in whether or not you buy a particular new vehicle. An idea that we wanted to test is that a consumer is willing to sign up for an insurance quote when shopping for a new vehicle.

A New Business Model

This collaboration with Johnson also spells for a new type of business model. In the early years of Unhaggle, it has been its direct customer facing portal - customer sees the Unhaggle brand and goes through the online vehicle configuration on the Unhaggle site. However, Johnson sees it as an opportunity to provide additional services to its customers, while Unhaggle is interested in continue being an industry leader in online new car sales. What this comes down to is a white-labeling solution branded for Johnson insurance but powered by Unhaggle. When a customer lands on Johnson's site, they are going to engage with the Johnson branding and go through a similar vehicle configuration process on the Johnson website, all while thinking it is a new services offered by Johnson.

In order for this business model to be successful, we've se the following criteria:

  • The new car buying service helps Unhaggle generate more leads for its dealers network
  • Johnson customers are willing to obtain an insurance quote when shopping for a new vehicle
  • It helps Johnson generate more high quality insurance quotes

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